Jessica Mokrzecki

Senior Technical Project Manager
Jessica's Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Scrum Master
Jessica Mokrzecki

Jessica's work experience lies in Graphic Design, Web Design and Front-end Development. With these passions, plus her ability to organize and communicate, she moved into the Project Management realm. Jessica loves everything about the world of design and development, finding great joy in seeing an idea come to life in a website or application.

Jessica was previously the Senior Manager of Creative Services at Volusion where she worked on all types of projects with SMB and Enterprise customers. Prior to that Jessica was a graphic designer at a small shop, where she learned web design by jumping in the deep end. Jessica has also worn the layout artist hat at an in-house advertising agency for a direct mail clothing company.

Away from work you will find Jessica hanging out with her husband and three little girls. She has recently discovered a love of running and just completed her seventh 5k within 8 months! She also loves practicing yoga and meditation, proclaiming it "the best way to wake up in the mornings." Jessica loves food and enjoys baking new treats with recipes following the Paleo diet.


  • Austin, TX
  • 1:12AM (CDT)
  • 21.0°C

Did you know...

Jessica has lived in 6 different states and 2 countries during her lifetime and has driven over 10,000 miles across the US making those moves.