Darren Petersen

VP of Projects

Denton, TX

As an accomplished jazz musician and father of six kids, Darren switched gears a while back to look for more lucrative ways to make a living. He got into web development using PERL and PHP3 back in 1999 and got into Drupal in 2007 while he was head of the University of North Texas Web Development Center. Before joining Lullabot, he worked on various projects for higher education institutions and led the construction of major Drupal sites at Scholastic.com.

Though a Drupal development talent in his own right, Darren was a technical project manager for Lullabot and is now the VP of Projects. His expertise in organization and Drupal has resulted in successful projects, including leading improvements of msnbc.com, re-platforming a major internal news site for Qualcomm, and launching nammfoundation.org. Darren was at the helm of launching the state of Georgia's GovHub, which included websites and services for more than 80 different programs and agencies. 

Darren prefers Agile to Waterfall and has an interest in the history of software development and how that’s shaped the way we work today. He runs his scrums from his office in Denton, TX, where he lives with his wife and kids. When he's not overseeing projects, Darren continues making music, having the ability to play six instruments.

Did you know?

Darren plays the saxophone but only has 1.5 lungs. Go figure!