Tugboat: A Visual Website QA Tool for Enterprise Teams

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Matt and Mike sit down with a number of Lullabots to talk about Tugboat, which allows you to "review every feature or bug fix with automatic builds." In developer-speak, it's an easy-to-use, multi-platform pull-request environment generation tool.  Tugboat is one of the ingredients of Lullabot's secret sauce, and it's awesome! 

Episode Guests

Ben Chavet


Ben was formerly a Senior Systems Architect at Lullabot.

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Chris Albrecht

Chris Albrecht wearing a dark button down shirt in front of a gray background.

Back-end Drupal Developer turned Project Manager, Chris has worked on high-profile projects for IBM, Syfy, and more.

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James Sansbury

A photo of James Sansbury smiling, sporting a pink bowtie and nerdy glasses.

In his role as Director of Product for Tugboat, James leverages his years of experience as a technical architect for Lullabot to support the biggest brands on the web with their digital platforms.

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Matt Westgate


Matt Westgate is Lullabot's Co-Founder and former Chairperson.

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