Ben Chavet

Former Senior Systems Architect
Grand Prairie, TX

Ben sadly passed away from Covid pneumonia. He was a beloved colleague and friend and his work greatly contributed to the success that Lullabot and Tugboat enjoy today. He will greatly be missed and was appreciated more than words can express.

Ben was Lullabot and Tugboat's secret weapon – an expert systems administrator, server and hosting infrastructure architect, web and database optimizations guru, and all-around friendly and knowledgeable guy. He worked on Lullabot products and client projects with everything from simple server setup and configuration to architecting high-performance high-availability server clusters and content delivery networks for some of the most popular websites on the Internet.

Previous to joining Lullabot, Ben worked as a senior system administrator and resident Drupal-hosting expert at NeoSpire. It was there that he caught the attention of the Lullabot team as he helped the Bots launch several high-profile client sites. Early in 2012, Ben decided to make a career change and Lullabot snatched him up.

Ben ensured that all of Lullabot's websites hummed along happily day and night. He could even get them to sing in harmony if you listened closely enough!

Ben earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from The University of Nebraska – Lincoln and lived in Grand Prairie, Texas with his wife and two children. When he wasn't managing servers and infrastructure devices, Ben enjoyed DIY home improvement projects, playing drums, and video games. He also maintained a small tech blog at

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