In this episode Addison Berry talks with Bryan Hirsch (bryanhirsch), Kay VanValkenburgh (kay_v), and Brock Boland (BrockBoland) about the Drupal Ladder, a community project to get more people involved in Drupal core, while also learning valuable skills for their Drupal work. What is it, what's the goal, and the whys and hows about jumping in are covered.

Podcast notes

Introduction to Omega 3.x video series Drupal Global Training Days Drupalize.Me "What is Drupal?" workshop (Dec. 14) Drupal Ladder group discussion Drupal Ladder distribution Drupal Ladder IRC channel: #drupal-ladder Core Mentoring xjm's core presentation with some stats (from Aug 2011) If you want to suggest ideas for podcasts, or have questions for us to answer on a podcast, let us know: Twitter Facebook Contact us page
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