Alex Pott and Working on Drupal Core

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In this episode, Addison Berry is joined by Alex Pott, the newest core committer for Drupal 8. We talk a bit about how he got involved with Drupal, the road he traveled to becoming a core committer, and exactly what that means in terms of the work he does. Then we dig into the very important community topic of how to fund core development, as currently Alex is working on core full-time unpaid. That is only sustainable for so long, and so he is beginning to explore ways of getting funding to continue his work, including using Gittip. Back in May we chatted with Greg Dunlap about this topic as well, on the Funding Drupal Core Development podcast, and we want to see this conversation continue in the community. It is really a fundamental reality we need to address for the health of the Drupal project.

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