Drush and Composer

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In this week's episode Addison Berry hosts Greg Anderson, one of the Drush maintainers, and Juampy Novillo Requena to discuss Drush. We start off by explaining why Drush exists and some cool things about it. One of the big hangups people have with Drush is installation, so we talk a bit about that, and how it is easier now with Composer. Speaking of Composer, we dive into what it actually is, why the Drush project has moved to using it, and how things look for using Composer with Drupal generally. Composer is part of the upcoming Drupal 8 and has quickly become a standard packaging and dependency tool throughout the PHP community. We also touch on the difference between Drush 6 and 7, talk about Juampy's new Drush book, Drush for Developers, and wrap up with Greg and Juampy's favorite Drush features.