Matt & Mike talk with a gaggle of Lullabots about their experiences at DrupalCon New Orleans.

DrupalCon Funeral Procession
DrupalCon NOLA Drupal 6 Funeral Procession

DrupalCon New Orleans Trivia Scene
Trivia night at the WW2 Museum

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This Episode's Guests

Jeff Robbins

Jeff is a co-founder of Lullabot and the company's former CEO.

Seth Brown

Seth Brown is Lullabot's COO. He makes sure all the pieces are in the right places to keep the robot humming along. He's also very tall.

Helena McCabe

Helena McCabe with curly brown hair and green eyes
Helena is Lullabot's friendly Technical Account Manager. She's based out of Orlando, Florida. She loves dogs, web accessibility, and unusual flavors of ice cream.

Marc Drummond

Senior front-end developer passionate about responsive web design, web standards, accessibility, Drupal and more. Let's make the web great for everyone!

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Portrait of Matt Kleve
Matt Kleve has been a Drupal developer since 2007. His previous work in the media sparks a desire to create lean, easy to use workflow processes.

About host Mike Herchel

Front-end Developer, community organizer, Drupal lover, and astronomy enthusiast