Marc Drummond

Senior Front-end Developer living in Woodbury, MN
Gardens at Castle Drummond

Marc’s Expertise

  • Drupal 8
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Responsive Images
  • Front-end Performance
  • Star Wars
Marc Drummond has been demonstrating great leadership for [the Breakpoint and Responsive Image modules] (and elsewhere in the Drupal 8 queue).
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Marc Drummond built his first web page in the late 90's with Netscape Communicator. He's thankful the tools we use to build websites have improved just a bit since then.

In 2004, Marc began working for the city of Minnetonka, a suburb of the Twin Cities, providing web development and graphic design services. He has also served on the board of the National Association of Government Web Professionals for 5 years, serving as President of the organization for the last year.

In 2008, Marc first encountered Drupal when he converted the city's intranet. He's since built and themed Drupal sites for a variety of organizations. In the last year, Marc started contributing to Drupal 8, particularly with front-end development and theming improvements, such as Twig and responsive images. He now serves as the co-maintainer of Drupal 8's Responsive Image and Breakpoint modules.

Marc grew up in Minnesota and graduated from Albion College in Michigan with a BA in English and a concentration in Public Service. He also studied abroad at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and earned degrees in Web Design and Graphic Design at Minneapolis Community & Technical College.

Marc lives in Woodbury, Minnesota with his wife and five-year-old daughter, as well as their dog. They enjoy traveling as a family, especially to Disney World. In his copious spare time, Marc enjoys watching and reading science fiction and fantasy, particularly Star Wars, writing and playing video games online with friends.

Did you know...

Marc studied at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland for a year during college. When visiting Castle Drummond, he asked if there was a reduced admission since he was a Drummond; he was told they'd be glad to charge him double.