Marc Drummond

Senior Front-end Developer
Marc's Expertise
  • Drupal 8
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Responsive Images
  • Front-end Performance
  • Star Wars
Marc Drummond has been demonstrating great leadership for [the Breakpoint and Responsive Image modules] (and elsewhere in the Drupal 8 queue).
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Marc Drummond

Marc Drummond built his first web page in the late 90's with Netscape Communicator. He's thankful the tools we use to build websites have improved just a bit since then.

In 2004, Marc began working for the city of Minnetonka, a suburb of the Twin Cities, providing web development and graphic design services. He has also served on the board of the National Association of Government Web Professionals for 5 years, serving as President of the organization for the last year.

In 2008, Marc first encountered Drupal when he converted the city's intranet. He's since built and themed Drupal sites for a variety of organizations. In the last year, Marc started contributing to Drupal 8, particularly with front-end development and theming improvements, such as Twig and responsive images. He now serves as the co-maintainer of Drupal 8's Responsive Image and Breakpoint modules.

Marc grew up in Minnesota and graduated from Albion College in Michigan with a BA in English and a concentration in Public Service. He also studied abroad at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and earned degrees in Web Design and Graphic Design at Minneapolis Community & Technical College.

Marc lives in Woodbury, Minnesota with his wife and five-year-old daughter, as well as their dog. They enjoy traveling as a family, especially to Disney World. In his copious spare time, Marc enjoys watching and reading science fiction and fantasy, particularly Star Wars, writing and playing video games online with friends.


  • Woodbury, MN
  • 4:29AM (CST)
  • 2.3°C

Did you know...

Marc studied at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland for a year during college. When visiting Castle Drummond, he asked if there was a reduced admission since he was a Drummond; he was told they'd be glad to charge him double.