Lullabots Speaking at DrupalCon Global 2020

It's been a challenging year so far, but we're so happy that DrupalCon is still happening! This new virtual version of DrupalCon is packed with a lot of great content that rivals the in-person events, and we're excited to announce the members of our team who will be speaking this year. 

Designing for Chaos: The Design Process Behind Olivero

Jared Ponchot, Chief Creative Officer & Jen Witkowski, Senior UX Designer

By now, you've probably heard of Olivero, the core initiative to create a Drupal 9 theme. Jared and Jen will explain the key challenges when designing for an open-source CMS while walking you through real-world methods and processes to overcome them. Watch the video here.

From Squiggles to Straight Lines: Sketching Discovery & UX Work

Marissa Epstein, Senior UX Designer

Collaborating openly is one of our core values. Marissa has found that sketching is a fast way to communicate collaboratively during lean discovery and UX processes. In this session, she'll show you what works for her to give you ideas on how you can use sketching for your projects. Watch the video here.

The Olivero Theme: Turning a Wild Idea into a Core Initiative

Mike Herchel, Senior Front-end Developer & Putra Bonaccorsi, Senior Front-end Developer

What started as a casual conversation in a hotel lobby became a Drupal core initiative. Mike and Putra will tell the story of how Olivero came to be, learnings along the way, and give you tips on how to turn your idea into a core initiative.

Nonprofit Summit: 12 Tips for Nonprofits Converting to Drupal

Monica Flores, Technical Project Manager

With the topic of, "The Lifecycle of a Drupal Site," this summit comprises expert-led discussions that address the various stages of Drupal site ownership in the nonprofit sector. As part of this summit, Monica will be sharing tips for nonprofits moving to or considering to move to Drupal from another platform.

Performance & Scaling Summit: Anatomy of a Front-end Performance Audit

Mike Herchel, Senior Front-end Developer

Mike has led numerous performance workshops and presentations. During the Performance & Scaling Summit, he will walk attendees through a front-end performance audit to help identify bottlenecks that impact a site's performance. 

Drupal Initiatives Plenary

Mike Herchel, Senior Front-end Developer & Cristina Chumillas, Front-end Developer

With so many Drupal initiatives, it's hard to attend each session that covers them individually. Fortunately, the Drupal Initiatives Plenary will give you an overview of the current Drupal initiatives in 45 minutes. Mike, along with a team of Lullabots and many other Drupal contributors, has been leading the development of the new front-end Drupal 9 theme, Olivero. Meanwhile, Cristina has been helming the creation of the back-end theme, Claro. Both Mike and Cristina will share the latest updates on both of these initiatives. Watch the video here.

Community Summit: Cultivating the Drupal Community Mindfully

Matthew Tift, Senior Developer

For Drupalers, the community aspect is just as important as writing the code. The Community Summit covers the issues that matter most to the Drupal Community and is an excellent place for those wanting to get more involved. The Drupal community is something Matthew is passionate about and will be sharing ways to cultivate the community more mindfully.

We look forward to engaging in conversation with you virtually and wish everyone a happy DrupalCon!


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