A group of Lullabots (and Former 'bot and podcast co-host Mike Herchel) get together to discuss the new Default theme in Drupal 9 and 10 that they helped build.

The theme called "Olivero" is as beautiful as it is flexible and accessible.

The team talks about the immense amount of work it took for a project of such high visibility in the Drupal community.

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This Episode's Guests

Jared Ponchot

As Lullabot's Chief Creative Officer, Jared leads the Design team. He regularly speaks about UX and design at conferences around the globe.

Jen Witkowski

Jen Witkowski is passionate about creating well-architected websites that provide a great user experience for desktop and mobile devices.

Andy Blum

Andy Blum headshot
Andy Blum is a front-end developer and Acquia Certified Front-End Specialist.

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About host Matt Kleve

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Matt Kleve has been a Drupal developer since 2007. His previous work in the media sparks a desire to create lean, easy to use workflow processes.