Belonging at Lullabot

Since Lullabot’s inception in 2006, we have fostered our company culture around the open-source value that everyone can make meaningful contributions and collaborate openly, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age, disability or genetic information, or other non-merit based factors. We are committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and strive to be a place where everyone can do their best work and feel safe while doing so.

We not only believe this is a core part of our Be Human value; it’s crucial to our Engineering Values as well. In recruiting for our team, we welcome and value the unique contributions that you bring! See our latest job openings and learn about our core values.

How we support DEI

Embracing and building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace is not just a statement we make on our website; it’s something we actively work towards as a team in every capacity of what we do. It’s not a top-down requirement. It’s a genuine passion of our team as a whole. In continuing to further our efforts, we’re committed to:

Collaborating as a team to continuously improve DEI at Lullabot

We commit resources to our employee-led Inclusion and Equity working group and Mental Health working group. These two groups meet regularly to discuss ways of improving DEI and supporting those who struggle with mental health while implementing positive change. 

Educating all team members

We require all employees to complete annual diversity and inclusion training. We believe that having every employee on the same page is critical to maintaining the culture we’ve worked hard to build while ensuring that it evolves inclusively.

Speaking up for what’s right

We’re not afraid to speak up when it’s necessary. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be fully living our values as a company, and that’s just not right. Some examples include the public statements we’ve made about Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate

Talking about the issues, not ignoring them

With so many important issues and topics that affect the workplace and our everyday lives, we encourage employees to create Slack channels for respectful and meaningful conversations based on these topics. Some of these channels include #diversity-inclusion, #womenoflullabot, #rainbowbots, and #accessibots.

Supporting groups that make a difference

We support others who are also making a difference. For example, we financially support and participate in Drupal Diversity and Inclusion, a group of volunteers working to make the Drupal community a more inclusive and diverse place. We also provide financial support to Discover Drupal, an initiative that encourages developers from underrepresented groups to become Drupalers, and diversity scholarships such as those offered by Confab, a premier content strategy conference.

Focusing on pay transparency

Lullabot's HR and admin teams share our pay ranges for each role, include them on job posts, and share the methodology and data behind our annual compensation research. This transparency promotes pay equity and reduces bias in employee compensation. 

Building employee equity

We are a 100% employee-owned ESOP, and most of our team are full-time employee-owners. Employees benefit directly from company growth and profitability as their company shares increase in value. There is no outside investment group or individual benefiting from our employee labor other than our employees.

I have had many doubts in my past experience, but everything that we are doing at Lullabot continues to encourage me that I made the right choice coming aboard.

Monica "Nikki" Flores, Technical Project Manager

We’re a work in progress

While we’re proud of the work we’re doing to foster DEI, we also acknowledge that we don’t have it all figured out yet and that this work is an ongoing effort. We recognize that we lack strong representation of people from historically marginalized groups in our company, but we’re open, transparent, and have made it our mission to address this through future hiring.

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