We aspire to create smart, delightful, and rewarding experiences with interactive technologies and to empower and inspire others to do the same.

Core Values

Our core values are what we're all about. Let us walk you through them.

Inspire & Empower

Empower those around you. Share what you know and attempt to make those around you better than yourself. Give those around you respect, responsibility, and control over their own tools so that they can begin to create and innovate for themselves. Lead by example. Choose to be mentally engaged and invested rather than distant or simply there.

Allow yourself to be inspired, excited, and delighted. Seek to inspire others in the way that you have been. Help and encourage others to find their points of awesomeness.

Be Human

We love our red robot. Though we may do technical, digital work, we know that it's the human connections that bring our work to life. We value our humanity. We talk in simple terms like humans, conduct our business like humans, and accept the humanness of those around us. We celebrate failure as an opportunity for growth. We admit mistakes and learn from them. We strive to be honest, humane, friendly, caring, and humble.

Trust emotion. Trust intuition.

Kick Ass

Be awesome. We strive to do great, successful, important, and rewarding work that we can take pride in. As a team, sharing our knowledge and experience and learning from one another, we are capable of great things. As individuals, we strive to grow and learn from others on the team. We support and encourage one another toward greatness. We set big goals and we set high expectations of one another, but we are appreciative, grateful, and supportive of our successes. Kicking ass is oftentimes about communication and honesty — honestly evaluating the situation, assessing what's needed to be successful, and asking for the resources needed to accomplish it. We realize that kicking ass is oftentimes more difficult than simply getting the job done, but it's also the difference between simply having a job and having a career that you're proud of.

Evaluate often. Realign and redirect as necessary. Do work that you can be proud of.

Invent & Innovate

We value creativity and innovation at every level. Conventional solutions are simply well-worn paths with a history of success. We believe it's important to understand this history but to question whether these solutions are always best for us. We seek out new possibilities and solutions to create success. We're proud of our innovations. They fuel new innovation. We want to share our solutions with others so that they might grow into the conventional solutions of tomorrow.

Accept change. Expect change. Create change.

Collaborate Openly

We believe that collaborating and working as a team will allow us to accomplish more, faster, and better than chipping away individually. There is power in a singular vision, but we believe that when you share your knowledge, efforts, and work, you will usually get back more than you give out. At a minimum, you will have enriched the lives of those who benefit from your efforts. When given the opportunity, we will opt for openness and sharing.

Have Fun

There's no need to sacrifice happiness for success. We believe that happiness, fun, and general silliness bring with them energy which fuels creativity and innovation, creates a more open and communicative workplace, and makes for a more productive, more dedicated team. It's also just more fun. We try to focus on the positive and downplay competition and negativism. We are grateful for our successes and celebrate them.