Mission & Core Values


We aspire to create smart, delightful, and rewarding experiences with interactive technologies and to empower and inspire others to do the same.

Core Values

Our core values are what we're all about. Let us walk you through them.

Inspire & Empower

We inspire and empower those around us. We choose to be mentally engaged and invested rather than distant or simply there. We extend respect and responsibility to everyone and lift each other up at every opportunity. We share knowledge freely and support each other to collectively reach our fullest potential.

Be Human

Though we may do technical, digital work, we know that it's the human connections that bring our work to life. We value our humanity in all its diversity. We speak and conduct our work in ways that include and celebrate others. We recognize that all of us make mistakes, and we all can learn and grow. We strive to be honest, humane, friendly, caring, and humble.

Own It

We are employee owners who take great care to produce things that reduce frustrations and improve teams, workflows, businesses, and the lives of real people. We set big goals for ourselves and support and encourage one another to accomplish them. We strive to do excellent, successful, important, and rewarding work that we can all be proud of.

Invent & Innovate

We are creative problem solvers. We constantly question which problems need to be solved and brainstorm ways to solve them. We’re resourceful. We find joy in novel ideas and new inventions, but we’re just as satisfied to follow a well-worn path. Ingenuity is about harnessing creativity and insight to identify the best solution, not the most unique one.

Collaborate Openly

We believe collaboration will allow us to accomplish more than chipping away individually. We work better and faster together. A singular vision can be powerful, but when we openly share our knowledge, efforts, and work, we get back more than we give. We seek different perspectives and backgrounds, avoid silos, and strive to give and receive insights with gratitude and an open mind.

Have Fun

There's no need to sacrifice happiness for success. We believe that happiness, fun, and inclusive amusement bring an energy that fuels creativity, creates a more open and communicative workplace, and makes for a more relaxed, productive, and dedicated team. It’s also just more fun. Tada!