Shifting Left: How DevOps Strengthens Teams and Saves Money

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For many software development teams, even agile teams, it feels like testing and stakeholder validation come at the end of the process. Teams want to move on and move fast, but problems are discovered and the whole thing feels like a bottleneck that strangles productivity. Or worse. The frustration can lead to pointing fingers and bad blood between developers and stakeholders.

But when you “shift left,” you find problems earlier. Testing and validation can be sprinkled throughout the whole cycle. Powered by a good DevOps setup, shifting left can save your organization money and improve team morale.

In this webinar, Jasmyne Epps (Testing Lead at Digital Services Georgia), David Burns (Director of Support & Maintenance at Lullabot), and James Sansbury (Director of Product at Tugboat) will discuss:

  • How moving testing and QA earlier in the cycle can save an organization money.
  • How to free up your developer talent to think strategically and focus on improvements.
  • How to use DevOps to build trust and confidence across your organization, with tools and tips to help you get started today.

You’ll also get a glimpse at how maintains 80+ websites while continuing to innovate and improve.


Webinar Presenters

Jasmyne Epps

Jasmyne Epps headshot

Jasmyne is the Testing Lead for Digital Services Georgia. She is also a User Interface/User Experience developer, where she lends her expertise in user experience, interaction design, usability, and quality assurance.

She focuses on enterprise content management systems and front-end web development. Her role combines a happy mixture of design and technology.

James Sansbury

James Sansbury
In his role as Director of Product for Tugboat, James leverages his years of experience as a technical architect for Lullabot to support the biggest brands on the web with their digital platforms.

David Burns

David's career in Drupal spans over 15 years. His passion for business and technology led him to build Lullabot's Support & Maintenance department where he serves as the director.

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