Painless Design Handoffs

Design handoffs are often like relay races where the developers take the baton, and the designers go sit on the bench for the rest of the project. But design handoffs should never be “hands-off.” Rather, they should be part of a hands-on approach to project collaboration. Successful web projects depend on a healthy workflow between designers and developers, and how these teams work together cannot be an afterthought. The bigger the website, the healthier the workflow needs to be.

In this webinar and live Q&A, we’ll talk about how design handoffs can create opportunities to foster better relationships between design and development, which lead to an improved final product. If you have experienced pain where development meets design, we’ll help you prevent that pain in the future.

You’ll learn:

  • How to better connect developers and designers for efficient handoffs, including specific tools and techniques.
  • What developers need to be documented to make the right decisions when implementing designs.
  • How to maintain design consistency for the long term.

And bring your questions! We’ll answer as many as we can.

Webinar Presenters

Jen Witkowski

Jen Witkowski wearing a teal top in front of a blue background.

Jen Witkowski is passionate about creating well-architected websites that provide a great user experience for desktop and mobile devices.

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Darren Petersen

Darren Petersen wearing a blue button down shirt with white polka dots in front of a gray background

Director of Projects with expertise in enterprise-level Drupal projects.

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Mike Herchel


Mike is a former senior front-end developer at Lullabot, a lead of the Drupal 9 core "Olivero" theme initiative, and an organizer for Florida DrupalCamp.

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