Higher Ed: Investing in Technology is Not Enough

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According to Modern Campus, nearly 70% of students now cite a school’s website as the main influence on their decision-making. 

So universities often invest in their website, or network of websites, when they are looking to increase enrollment, improve student retention, and help faculty better do their jobs. This instinct isn't wrong.

But investing in technology is not enough.

This webinar will highlight some of the problems universities run into when they focus solely on technology, and present ways to help mitigate those problems.

What you will learn:

  • Where your web CMS can improve the quality of your student experience, and where it can’t (and what you can do about it).
  • Staffing requirements for successful projects and characteristics that make up a healthy web community at your institution.
  • Strategies for managing requests from distinct stakeholders and audiences, who may not be aware of each other’s unique needs (and what to do when you have no authority to enforce best practices).

And much more!


Webinar Presenters

Kristen Eddy Campbell

Kristen Eddy Headshot

Kristen is the Operations Lead for Engagement Applications at Harvard University. She helps connect the dots between business strategy, customer needs, and technical execution.

Andrew Berry

Andrew Berry is an architect and developer who works at the intersection of business and technology.

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