The End of the Road for Drupal 8, Many More Drupal 9 Beginnings

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It might feel like it's brand new, but Drupal 8 will reach its end-of-life on November 2, 2021. Matt and Mike get together with fellow Lullabots Cathy Theys, David Burns, and Matthew Tift who have each been involved with upgrading to Drupal 9 on various projects. They discuss what a site administrator should be doing about it now.

Episode Guests

Cathy Theys

Cathy Theys with orange hair wearing a black blouse with white flowers in front of a gray background.

Cathy is the Support Team Manager at Lullabot, a natural problem-solver, and a Drupal contributor.

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Matthew Tift

Matthew Tift wearing a red button down shirt in front of a gray background.

Lead engineer, yoga teacher, and free software activist

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David Burns

David Burns wearing a red check button down shirt in front of a gray background.

David's career in Drupal spans over 15 years. His passion for business and technology led him to build Lullabot's Support & Maintenance department where he serves as the director.

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