Contenta - An API First Decoupled Drupal Distribution

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Matt and Mike are joined by the creators of Contenta, which is an API first Drupal distribution for decoupling your site's front-end from Drupal.

Episode Guests

Daniel Wehner

Senior Drupal Developer at Chapter Three, the most prolific contributor to Drupal 8, with his code everywhere you look.

Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Mateu Aguilo Bosch wearing a white button down shirt with black t-shirt underneath in front of a gray background.

Mateu Aguiló Bosch is a Lead Engineer with extensive experience in API design, Node.js development and contribution, and distributed architectures in the cloud. He loves to be under the sun.

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Sally Young

A smiling woman with long dark hair and dark glasses, wearing a white top.

Senior Technical Architect working across the full-stack and specialising in decoupled architectures. Core JavaScript maintainer for Drupal, as well as leading the JavaScript Modernization Initiative.

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