Lullabots Speaking at DrupalCon Europe 2020

DrupalCon Europe is happening December 8-11, helping us close out a challenging 2020. Like DrupalCon Global, this will be a virtual conference.

We're excited to announce the Lullabots who will be presenting.

Designing for Chaos: The Design Process Behind Olivero

Jared Ponchot, Chief Creative Officer & Jen Witkowski, Senior UX Designer

Olivero is a core initiative to create a new default theme for Drupal 9. Designing a core theme presents unique challenges as compared to designing traditional websites. This talk will tell the story of what it’s like to design a theme for an open-source content management system (CMS).

From Squiggles to Straight Lines: Sketching Discovery & UX Work

Marissa Epstein, Senior UX Strategist

Sketching is a fast way to communicate intentions clearly, iteratively, and collaboratively, and is crucial in my lean discovery and UX processes. In this session, Marissa will show you what works for her with examples from recent user experience & strategy projects.

The Olivero theme: Genesis and Update on Drupal 9's Newest Theme

Putra Bonaccorsi, Technical Project Manager

Starting as a discussion in a lobby at DrupalCon Seattle, the Olivero theme is now an official Drupal core strategic initiative. It aims to become the new default front-end theme for Drupal 9.1! In this session, Putra will walk you through the genesis of the idea of the theme, give an overview of challenges, and finally give a demo showing the current status and what's in the pipeline.

Workshop: Front-end Web Performance Clinic 2020

Mike Herchel, Senior Front-end Developer

In this 2 hour workshop, Senior Front-end Developer Mike Herchel partners with Google's Ben Morss to dive deep into modern web performance. You will learn how to identify and fix performance bottlenecks in your website / webapp through topics such as web performance metrics, SEO implications, critical path, web vitals, measurement and monitoring, as well as identifying, profiling and fixing low hanging fruit. 

We're looking forward to talking with you!

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