Lullabot's New Venture

Lullabot announced today the formation of a new company -- a joint venture between Lullabot, Bond Art + Science, and Ed Sussman, former president of Mansueto Digital. The new company will be launching an easy-to-use platform for groups, individuals and businesses to create powerful dynamic social websites. Historically, these sites required huge time commitments and expert developers; this platform will allow users to harness the power of Drupal and its wealth of add-ons with a streamlined point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface. With these tools, even newcomers will be able to build feature-rich multi-user websites that go beyond the boundaries of simple blog sites.

Lullabot will continue to provide all of the same consulting and educational services that they currently offer. The new company will be separate and distinct from Lullabot.

The members of the Lullabot team are recognized as experts in the Drupal platform, having guided the development of Drupal sites such, Sony BMG Records' artist web platform, and Bond Art + Science are experts in user experience and interaction design. Their principal partners have during the course of their careers worked with clients such as the, Microsoft, Nike, Fast Company and the Atlantic. Ed Sussman has left his position as the president of Mansueto Digital where his responsibilities included running and He founded FastCompany.TV with Robert Scoble, and He grew the company's revenue 600% in four years. He will become CEO in the newly-formed and yet-unnamed company.

"This project is all about taking the power of Drupal and distilling it into key choices and simple tools," said Sussman. "It's a huge leap beyond the rigid nature of turnkey products like Wordpress, Ning, but it avoids the 'infinite options paralysis' that newcomers can feel when experiencing Drupal's flexibility for the first time."

"Drupal has been challenging in the past," said Jeff Robbins, CEO of Lullabot. "It's our hope to make its power accessible to mere mortals."

"Lots of people want to build great websites but don't have the resources," said Karen McGrane, senior partner at Bond. "Our platform will create opportunities for ordinary people and small businesses that want websites as good as those of major corporations."

Further information will be released shortly. With questions, please contact ed (at)