Nate Haug

Senior Drupal Architect
Nate Haug

Nate Haug is an ace-of-trades with wide-variety of Drupal skills. He joined Lullabot in 2006 after lending a hand in Lullabot's MTV UK Drupal project and has since architected several of Drupal's largest projects including the SonyBMG Drupal Multi-site platform and Nate has provided many one-on-one consulting services to Lullabot's clients including Harvard University, Turner Media, and Telsa Motors.

Nate is the author of many popular contributed modules and a leading figure in the development of Drupal core, especially around the areas of user-experience and image handling. Some of his work includes the drag-and-drop taxonomy and menu interfaces, Drupal's AJAX framework, and the File and Image modules included in core.

In 2013, Nate started an alternative to the Drupal project called Backdrop CMS. Backdrop provides a high level of compatibility with existing Drupal sites and architecture while providing extensive new functionality. Contact Lullabot if you're interested in using Backdrop for your next web project.

You can meet Nate in the on Twitter or in IRC in #drupal or #backdrop on Freenode as quicksketch.