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In this episode of Hacking Culture Matthew Tift talks to Ruth Suehle about her involvement with Red Hat, the Fedora Project,, and her book, Raspberry Pi Hacks.

This episode is released under the Creative Commons attribution share alike 4.0 International license. The theme music used in this episode comes from the Open Goldberg Variations, performed by Kimiko Ishizaka ( The musical interludes all come from "Vertigo's Roses" by Speck (, "Feeling Dark (Behind The Mask)" by 7OOP3D featuring Artexflow (, "Goodbye War, Hello Peace" by teru (, "Chillin' With Jeris" by copperhead ( under CC BY-NC license ( "Awel" by stefsax ( and "Longing for Tumbleweeds" by Admiral Bob featuring snowflake ( under CC BY license (