Lullabot Joins the Drupal 7 Extended Support Program

The Drupal Security Team has selected Lullabot as an approved vendor of the Drupal 7 Extended Support (ES) Program. The program is a partnership with Drupal Association-vetted vendors who will continue providing security and maintenance support after Drupal 7 reaches its end-of-life in November 2022.

“The reality is that many organizations may not choose to upgrade to Drupal 8 or the newly launched 9 at this time for myriad reasons including budget limitations. Extending support to those still on Drupal 7 is a great way to give organizations the option to receive continued security updates and maintenance. In the short-term, this costs less and allows more time to plan before upgrading to a newer Drupal version or replatforming,” said David Burns, Director of Support & Maintenance at Lullabot.

While upgrading to the latest Drupal version may not currently be on the radars of some of those using Drupal 7, the program is projected to run for three years. This gives organizations more time to prepare for upgrading, migrating, or archiving their sites by November 2025.

As part of the program, vendor partners will be held responsible for publicly disclosing bug fixes and security issues. These will be available to non-program clients, but those wishing to manage updates themselves will lack the benefits of working with an approved vendor. Those benefits include performing usual site maintenance, providing custom development, resolving critical site outages, etc.

As one of the first Drupal agencies, Lullabot has been a long-time supporter of the Drupal Association and contributor to the Drupal project, contributing to Drupal core and more than 300 modules. These contributions, among other evaluation criteria, made Lullabot a strong candidate for the program. 


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