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Voting is now open for the 2013 Blue Drop Awards. Lullabot is honored to have helped design and build three sites nominated for Blue Drop Awards this year in three different categories. Tech Guy Labs has been nominated for Best Media Website, PAC-12 Videos for Best Sports Website and Best Associate Website. All of our nominated sites are using Drupal 7.

Tech Guy Labs

Tech Guy Labs is an innovative site that supports Leo Laporte's nationally syndicated radio program, The Tech Guy. The site is unique in that it breaks each episode of the show down into individual segments like call-in questions and news stories. This allows Leo's staff to include more detailed transcripts, and it also allows listeners the ability to add their own input to on-air questions. The site allows for rich content to support each episode segment while still providing an attractive overview of each episode. In addition geocoding allows the Tech Guy Labs team to easily build interactive maps of caller questions and stations that air the show. This site was designed and built entirely from concept to launch within 12 weeks.

PAC12 Videos

The PAC12 Conference wanted to create a TV everywhere experience where subscribers to the Pac12 cable network would be able to access and watch Pac12 Network content across the web, tablet, and mobile devices. The site is unique in that it provides an immersive video experience and integrates the feeds of Pac12 Network content and the authentication systems of multiple cable MSO's who carry the Pac12 Network. Lullabot led the architecture and development of the PAC12 Videos site from its inception.

The website is a fully responsive destination for the Tizen developer community, and serves as the central hub for Tizen's documentation, events, and communication. This site was a complete overhaul and was built using a lean agile process that integrated both design and development for a cohesive and clean experience. serves as the primary destination for Tizen's developer community, so it has a high degree of visibility and importance within the Tizen open source community.

We'd love your support at the Blue Drop Awards this year, so log in and vote today!

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