Drupal 8

Drupal 7 is still fresh, but community's planning for Drupal 8 is already underway. If you're looking for information on it, there's a Core Initiatives hub page on Drupal.org that organizes information on the various core development projects.

Mobile Design

Interesting debates are bubbling up about mobile web design, and the best ways to transition from a desktop-only web strategy. Palantir's John Albin weighed in earlier this month, and designer Luke Wroblewski has written another piece advocating a focus on device capabilities.

Working from Home

Lullabot is a distributed company, so on any given day, most of us are pounding away on Drupal problems from home offices (and the occasional couch). We're always hunting for good communication and productivity tips, and mashable.com has a great article on boosting productivity when you're working from home. Sadly, no tips on keeping house cats from interrupting a podcast...

Load Testing

Mark Nottingham, one of Yahoo!'s resident web technology ninjas, has written an excellent article on the basic principles of HTTP load testing. It covers a few basic tools, but also spends quality time on what danger signs to look for, and how to make sense of the information you get from your tests.

Design Process

Marco Arment, creator of the awesome Instapaper web service, received an unsolicited redesign proposal for his site and took the time to dissect it, write about it, and respond to the designer who submitted it. In addition to the design details, it's a cool look at the thinking that goes into a successful app.

My Little Pony

Earlier this week, the Drupalize.me team let the cat out of the bag about the My Little Pony code names they use for their development sprints. As if on cue, a high school physics student published the details of his research into the physics of pony flight. He says it's a physical impossibility, but we still believe.

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