Here at Lullabot Headquarters, we try to make sure that each week's Module Monday article highlights a lesser-known tool that's simple, useful, and efficient. In honor of the holiday season, though, this week will show off a Drupal module that's 100% fun: Konami Code! If you played video games in the 80s, you might remember the infamous secret code that could be entered on the first screen of Contra and other games produced by Konami. An entire generation of gamers learned that up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a was the key to eternal life, and more recently the code was the key to activating east eggs on web sites like and Now, thanks to the Konami Code module, you can hide the easter egg of your choice on any Drupal site using the same key combination. The module sports a staggering number of configuration options, most centered around what should happen when visitors to your site enter the code. Would you like to redirect them to another URL? No problem. Would you like jQuery-powered snow to fall on the page, turning your site's design into a winter wonderland? Easy. Covering the page with bacon, launching an in-browser game of Asteroids, and popping up an alert box containing custom text are all easy to do with the module. You can also customize the exact key commands used to trigger the easter egg. Hiding a secret picture of a unicorn on your web site and activating it with the Konami Code may not be mission-critical functionality, but it's a traditionally nerdy way to sneak some light-hearted fun onto a small site. Check it out -- and enjoy the holidays!

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