Lullabot Online Training Goes Global

Next week, we will be starting the second 6-week-long Drupal Fundamentals online workshop.

We launched our new training series, Lullabot Online Workshops, in September and we're really excited about how these classes have been going. Some call them "web conferences", "webcasts", or "webinars", but we're sticking with "online workshops" because we see them as an online version of our in-person workshops.

Lullabot Online Workshop
James Walker teaching an online workshop

Lullabot Online Workshops combine live streaming video of our instructor, along with live presentations and screen sharing, and a sidebar chat room for students to ask questions and give feedback. I've been really impressed with how engaging, interactive, and fun the workshops have been. It really seems to capture the feeling of sitting in the room at a workshop. And the sidebar discussion provides for even more questions and interactivity than we often see at our conventional workshops.

Each student also gets his/her own sandbox Drupal site where they can experiment with each week's lesson. They also have access to the workshop intranet site where they have access to the video archive of the live lessons and message boards for discussion and help from the Lullabot team.

Another great thing about these online workshops is they're world-wide. The last workshop was scheduled at a time when most of the Western Hemisphere was awake. In addition to the US and Canada, we had attendees from the UK, France, Holland, Spain and Chile, and one dedicated student actually attended from Australia where he got up at 3am for the live sessions. The next workshop will be at a time more convenient for Australians and those in the Eastern Hemisphere – Monday evening in the Americas is Tuesday morning in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Indonesia. So not only can people in the Americas attend after work, but people on the other side of the globe can attend during daylight hours.

James Walker has been doing an amazing job running these workshops. I still don't quite know how he's able to seamlessly watch the chat discussion and present the curriculum, or how he's able to sit in a room by himself in front of the camera and keep it fun, but he does it... for 2 hours at a time... for 6 weeks straight.

We still have spots available for next week's workshop, so if you're looking to get started with Drupal or just fill-out your knowledge of the Drupal basics, here is your opportunity. Register today.

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