Lullabot is pleased to announce the Drupal launch of the Tech Guy Labs web site! The Tech Guy, Leo Laporte's radio call-in show and live podcast, draws millions of listeners around the globe each week. The new site combines a mobile-friendly responsive layout with an easy-to-search archive of technical questions and answers from the show's callers.

The site's previous incarnation was Wiki-based: it allowed the show's staff to quickly set up new pages for episodes of the show, but prevented them from repurposing existing content or integrating social features like commenting and sharing. The new site breaks each episode of the show down into individual segments like Call-In Questions and News Stories.

Episode Page of Tech Guy Labs

This approach allows the staff to include more detailed transcripts, lets listeners visit the site and add their own input on thorny questions, and makes presenting an attractive overview of each episode much easier. In addition, geocoding allows the Tech Guy Labs team to easily build interactive maps of caller questions and stations that air the show.

Next week, we'll be posting an in-depth case study of the tools and techniques that Jared Ponchot, Jeff Eaton and Angus Mak used to implement the redesign. For now, check out the new Tech Guy Labs!

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