Lullabot Education Becomes Osio Labs

Lullabot Education, the company behind Drupalize.Me, changes its name and expands into new communities.

What do you do when you accomplish your dream? If you’re like Addison Berry, you make another dream.

In 2010, we launched Drupalize.Me to teach people how to build Drupal websites. It was a natural offshoot to the workshops and conferences Lullabot ran back in the day (Remember Do It With Drupal, anyone?). I won’t try to summarize the last nine years, but with the help of an incredibly talented and dedicated team, combined with passionate customers and a singular mission, Drupalize.Me has become a premier destination for learning Drupal.

Lullabot Education, the company behind Drupalize.Me, became its own business entity in 2016 with bigger plans. They realized it was more than Drupal that held them together: it was open source and the communities that it creates. With imposter syndrome at full tilt, the team began attending React, Gatsby and Node conferences to connect and learn more. They started contributing back by giving presentations, committing code, and hiring new team members like Jon Church to focus on Node. Speaking as someone who serves on the board, we couldn’t be more proud of the effort the team has taken to be intentional with their endeavors.

Osio Labs: Open Source Inside and Out

Osio Labs Logo

Lullabot Education is now Osio Labs. The name change reflects a commitment to fostering and growing other communities through open-source contribution, including Drupal. Drupal is not going away. If anything, they hope to amplify the experience for everyone—to have these communities eventually grow and support one another.

I’ve known Addi for 13 years now. She attended the first ever Lullabot workshop in 2006 in Washington D.C. I remember her then as the brightest star in the room. Eventually, Lullabot had a job posting, she applied, and we instantly hired her. I've had the honor of watching her grow into the leader she’s become, and I couldn’t be more proud.

By branching out and trying to be more to the world, Osio Labs is sharing more of Lullabot’s story too. Both companies believe that sharing makes us stronger. It’s what we’re passionate about and how we empower others. It’s why we show up to work every morning. Or, in our case, as employees of a distributed company, shuffle to our desks in our bunny slippers.

Be sure to follow Osio Labs on Twitter to stay up to date on their latest projects.

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