DrupalCon Denver 2012 Wrap-up

A 'Bot's Eye View

Another great DrupalCon has come and gone. We ran into some old friends, made some new ones, learned a lot, and had fun the entire time. Here are some of the highlights, from our perspective.

Lullabots Front and Center

Not only did all but 3 of Lullabot's employees attend DrupalCon, but 9 of us presented at sessions, some of us led sold-out pre-con training classes, and CEO Jeff Robbins was on the Day Stage twice: once to take part in the Drupal Game show, hosted by our friends at Four Kitchens on Wednesday, and again to discuss Videola on Thursday.

We’ve received good feedback on our sessions, and thank everyone who attended (so many good presentations were happening simultaneously!). Some of the highlights included:

Proud Sponsors of DrupalCon

Every year the sponsor expo is bigger and better. We wanted to stand out from the crowd, but also have a fun, friendly, and welcoming presence. Thus, the “Lullabot Lounge” and “Drupalize.Me Live!” were born.

The Lullabot booth, envisioned and designed by Jared Ponchot, was a great place to hang out and talk and we spent a lot of time doing just that. We got to reconnect with Drupal friends and clients and meet lots of new people. We brought hundreds of Lullabot t-shirts along with us and much to both our delight and our sorrow, they were all given away in the first 3 or 4 hours. So if you got one of those t-shirts, wear it proudly! Your friends are bound to be jealous.

Kyle in boxers at the Drupalize.me booth

Over at the the Drupalize.Me booth, the coveted item was our sparkly glitter pony sticker. Even the most jaded web programmers’ eyes lit up as we handed them a sparkly sticker. They were a huge hit. We saw many creative uses for the stickers throughout the week, and were thrilled that most attendees were as excited about the stickers as we were! And if you passed by the booth on Wednesday, you may have caught one of the “Drupalize.Me Live!” presentations. Senior Developer and Lead Trainer Joe Shindelar conceived the idea and coordinated the show, which featured costumes, rapping, a puppet, and a trainer in his boxers. When we say that you can learn Drupal in your underwear with Drupalize.Me, we mean it.

“Ain’t No Party Like a Lullabot Party” *

If you were one of the lucky folks to grab a diskette invitation (or you were just cool enough to show up without one), you were witness to the temporary tattoo and faux hirsute goodness that was EatonCon. On Wednesday night we took over the back room of Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery for our annual DrupalCon party.

EatonCon Invite

The more bacon-infused bourbon that flowed, the more creative people got with their fake mustache placement. Coincidence? We think not. Everyone made it home safely, but there was at least one casualty found on the sidewalk the next morning.

*Quote from an actual tweet from the event.

Next, Munich; Then, Portland!

The Drupalize.Me team will be bopping about DrupalCon Munich in August. They’ll have pockets full of coupon codes, and if you’re nice to them, you might just get a special limited-edition Munich pony sticker (stay tuned for a sneak peek soon).

And we’re already putting a bird on our plans for DrupalCon Portland in 2013.

Want to keep reminiscing? Check out Lullabot Podcast #102 to hear more about our take on DrupalCon Denver.

Big thanks to the Drupal Association, the Denver DrupalCon team, and everyone involved in making DrupalCon Denver a success!

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