It's been about six months since the first release of The Drupal Song and I've been meaning to post a roundup of the amazing remixes that various people have done. I'll try to get to that soon, but in honor of the Barcelona DrupalCon which starts tomorrow, I've edited together a few loops of the song as ringtones for most modern mobile phones. All of the various phones have various ways of uploading/downloading the ringtones, so I won't attempt to give instructions here, but if anyone has any tips and info about what worked for them, please post comments. Here's a loop of the song in various formats: WAV download Should work on older phones and ones that can be a bit finicky about file formats. MP3 download Pretty much the standard for ringtones these days. This is probably the one to start with. M4A download This is the MP4/AAC format that (I think) pretty much only works on the iPhone. Use MakeiPhoneRingtone to put this into the iTunes ringtones folder and transfer it to your iPhone. Rock!

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