Adam Varn

Front-end Developer
Tampa, FL
Adam Varn Headshot

Adam’s Expertise

  • Drupal
  • CSS / SASS
  • Twig
  • PHP
  • Accessibility optimization

Adam Varn is a front-end Developer who built his first website in 1997 when he launched “Adam’s Game Reviews” for a local ISP’s portal. The ISP paid him in video games. To earn actual money for his work, he started building other sites in HTML and Cold Fusion.

In 2008, he began creating his first Drupal themes, learning the ins and outs of Drupal site-building and configuration. Before joining Lullabot, he ran his own Drupal development company where he helped solve problems for non-profits, advocacy organizations, local government, and educational institutions.

Adam’s past clients know him as a clear and timely communicator. This trait, combined with his dedication to front-end development, has made him a sought-after resource throughout the Florida Drupal community and beyond. He is a co-founder of his local Drupal Meetup group and is a frequent speaker at Florida DrupalCamp, becoming a co-organizer in 2020.

Adam lives in Tampa, FL with his amazing wife Lisa, their two children, and two cats Bisque and Elton John. When not tweaking that one last CSS property, Adam enjoys keeping up with the news, board games with friends, watching college football and soccer from around the world, and binge-watching TV shows and movies across the many, many streaming services out there

Drupal Contributions
Key Accomplishments

Lead front-end developer for City of Tampa website rebuild project

Lead developer for FAU Foundation, Inc.

Did you know?

Adam once had to escape from a sinking/submerged car during a tropical storm.