User-Centered Design Systems: the What, Why, and How

Design systems are all the rage these days. Do you want to maintain consistency across different types of content, or even across multiple websites? Do you want more clarity between designers and developers? If you're considering investing in a design system or are in the planning process, but aren't sure where to start, this webinar is for you.

Please join Chief Creative Officer, Jared Ponchot, and Senior UX Designer, Jen Witkowski from Lullabot to learn:

  1. What constitutes a “design system” and how to know when you need one.
  2. How to know the kind of design system you need.
  3. How to effectively plan and design a design system that’s tailored for its users.

Webinar Presenters

Jared Ponchot

Jared Ponchot wearing a dark button down shirt in front of a gray background.

As Lullabot's Chief Creative Officer, Jared leads the Design team. He regularly speaks about UX and design at conferences around the globe.

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Jen Witkowski

Jen Witkowski wearing a teal top in front of a blue background.

Jen Witkowski is the Associate Design Director at Lullabot with a passion for creating well-architected websites that provide a great user experience for desktop and mobile devices.

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