Drupal Automatic Updates—The Update

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Keeping a Drupal site up-to-date can be tricky and time consuming. Host Matt Kleve sits down with three people in the Drupal community who have been working to make that process easier and faster.

It's been in progress for awhile, but now you might be able to start using Automatic Updates on your Drupal Site.

Episode Guests

Tim Lehnen

Tim is the Engineering Director of the Drupal Association.

Ted Bowman

Software engineer in the Office of the CTO at Acquia, Ted is the maintainer of Webform Conditional, EntityForms, Block Visibility Groups and more. Most recently he has been working on Drupal 8.2's settings tray and place block features.

Christopher Gervais

Pencil Drawing Effect of a headshot photo of Christopher Gervais

Christopher is the co-maintainer of the Aegir Hosting System (and contrib components). Aegir is a web hosting control panel program that provides a graphical interface designed to simplify deploying and managing Drupal, Wordpress and CiviCRM Web sites.

He is from from Montreal, Quebec, and a Founding Partner at Consensus Enterprises.