In Episode 25 of the Drupalize.Me Podcast, Kyle Hofmeyer takes time to gather some Lullabots to discuss "developer workflow." He is joined by Lullabot's Senior Technical Project Manager, Jerad Bitner, Senior Developer, Joe Shindelar, and first-time project manager, Emma Westby. In this episode, the four bots share their thoughts on how they approach working in a team and the tools they use to make the process of sharing code easier. Everything from Git to peer reviews, to branch naming conventions, and establishing a workflow with your team is discussed. Lullabot has thought a lot about making the developer experience more efficient--in this podcast, one of our internal pull request builders, Tugboat, is also discussed. But this podcast is really just the tip of the iceberg. 

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About host Kyle Hofmeyer

Kyle is a former video producer, engineer, and trainer with Drupalize.Me (launched by Lullabot and now an Osio Labs company).