Talking Performance with Pantheon's David Strauss and Josh Koenig

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Matt & Mike are joined by Pantheon co-founder and CTO David Strauss, Pantheon co-founder and Head of Product Josh Koenig, as well as Lullabot's own performance expert Nate Lampton to talk everything performance. Topics include front-end performance, server-side PHP, CDNs, caching, and more.

Episode Guests

David Strauss

Pantheon CTO & Co-Founder, David is also a database maintainer subsystem maintainer for Drupal and member of the Drupal security team.

Josh Koenig

Co-Founder & Head of Product at Pantheon, Josh has been around the Drupal community since the beginning.

Nate Lampton

Nate Lampton wearing a blue biutton down shirt in front of a gray background.

Nate Lampton is a leader in Open Source with over a decade of contributions to the Drupal project. He joined Lullabot in 2006.

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