Matt & Mike talk with Drupal Security Team Lead Michael Hess, along with the former lead Greg Knaddison. We talk about the current state of Drupal security, along with their Drupalcon session, Watch the Hacker Hack.

Drupal Security Hat

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This Episode's Guests

Michael Hess


Current lead of the Drupal Security Team, and works with the University of Michigan School of Information and Medical Center, teaching three courses on content management platforms.

Greg Knaddison


Former Drupal Security Team Lead, author of "Cracking Drupal", and he currently works at with development, analytics, and infrastructure.

About host Matt Kleve

Portrait of Matt Kleve
Matt Kleve has been a Drupal developer since 2007. His previous work in the media sparks a desire to create lean, easy to use workflow processes.

About host Mike Herchel

Mike is a former senior front-end developer at Lullabot, a lead of the Drupal 9 core "Olivero" theme initiative, and an organizer for Florida DrupalCamp.