Lessons from Distributed Companies

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"34 million Americans work from home at some point during the week. This number is expected to reach a staggering 63 million – or 43% percent of the U.S. workforce – by 2016." - Forrester Research’s US Telecommuting Forecast

In this episode we explore the world of distributed companies by having Seth Brown, Jared Ponchot, and Johnny LeHane of WAKA Kickball & Social Sports, join Addison Berry to talk about our experiences running distributed companies. We all attended the Yonder conference earlier this year, which was run by Lullabot to gather leaders from distributed companies to talk about the world we live in and the future of our workforce.

We talk about how we ended up with distributed companies, the positives and the negatives, and share our tips and biggest lessons learned from attending Yonder.

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