One of the coolest things about Lullabots is their desire to teach and share their knowledge. They do this in many formats: podcasts, articles, presentations, and even writing books. Joe Fender and Carwin Young decided there was an absolute need to write a book that brings all aspects of Front-End tools, frameworks, concepts, and procedures into one place — Front-End Fundamentals. Researching Front-End can bring you tons of great resources, but finding a place to start instead of a particular framework or tool is daunting. Joe Fender discovered this when he decided he want to dive in a learn the Front-End to provide assistance to his fellow 'Bots and scratch a personal itch of his own.

In this podcast Kyle Hofmeyer gets the co-authors together to chat about their book, why they wrote it, what it covers. There just might be some friendly co-worker banter thrown in as well. From book writing, to favorite frameworks at the time being, take a listen to learn more about the book, Front-End Fundamentals.

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