Drupalize.Me 2015 Spring Update

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The Drupalize.Me team typically gets together each quarter to go over how we did with our goals and to plan out what we want to accomplish and prioritize in the upcoming quarter. These goals range from site upgrades to our next content sprints. A few weeks ago we all flew into Atlanta and did just that. We feel it is important to communicate to our members and the Drupal community at-large, what we've been doing in the world of Drupal training and what our plans are for the near future. What better way to do this than our own podcast. Kyle Hofmeyer is joined by Joe Shindelar, Amber Matz, Blake Hall, and Will Hetherington to talk about our Q1 successes to our Drupal 8 curriculum plans. Take a listen, celebrate with us, and hear about what we are working on next.

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