Chris goes behind the screens with’s lead developer and trainer, Joe Shindelar.  Joe and Chris discuss topics such as:

  • Learning Drupal in order to teach it to others.
  • How to prepare for a live presentation and what it’s like delivering a keynote at DrupalCon.
  • Advice for new community members who want to get involved.

Joe also takes us back in time to his first ever Drupal session presentation, talks about what he would do if the internet went away, and has a special place in his heart for the Twin Cities Drupal Users Group.

Bonus:  Can you guess Joe’s spirit module?

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This Episode's Guest

Joe Shindelar

Joe Shindelar is now the Lead Developer and Lead Trainer at Drupalize.Me (launched by Lullabot and now an Osio Labs company).

About host Chris Albrecht

Chris Albrecht
His backend brings all the nerds to the code. Skilled in Drupal development and architecture, you can often find him running through the Colorado wilderness and hosting the Behind the Screens podcast.