In this episode, Chris sits down with Jason Lewis and Stew West of Amazee Labs to get the low down on Drupal Camp Cape Town.  They discuss what it's like organizing a Drupal camp in Southern Africa; convince you to visit Cape Town; and give some thanks to their amazing colleagues at Amazee.

Also, if the internet goes out, keep an eye out for Amazee's (probably) first ever touring Drupal band!

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This Episode's Guests

Jason Lewis


Jason will be as passionate about your business as he is about his craft. Sketch your idea and he will draw the story. Outline your business and he will design your interfaces - as beautiful as surfing into an African sunrise, minus the sharks.

Stew West


While he focuses on frontend development, Stew will not be shy about solving all your other problems. His skill set ranges from frontend coding to sitebuilding until backend development.

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