Behind the Screens with AmyJune Hineline of Hook 42

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AmyJune Hineline is relatively new to the Drupal scene, recently making the transition from a career in nursing.  In this episode, Chris sits down with AmyJune to talk about her role as the Community Lead at Hook 42, how she feels about the community, and what she would do if it all went away.

Hook 42 will be sending swaths of team members to BadCamp to participate in thought leadership, session presentations, summits and trainings.  Find them all on the BADCamp schedule and on Hook 42's blog.

Finally, AmyJune would like to thank a few people who helped her along her way and continue to do so, including Mike Anello from DrupalEasy, John Ouellet from Kalamuna, and all her teammates at Hook 42.

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AmyJune Hineline

I am a Drupal Site Builder and Community Lead at Hook 42. This means I like to build things and help in the issue queue.

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