Behind the Screens with Wes Ruvalcaba

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Lullabot Senior Front-end Developer Wes Ruvalcaba talks about balancing the needs of multiple grounds of clients vying for attention on a website.

Wes’s first big open source contribution was to replace Bartik as the default theme in Backdrop.

In his spare time, Wes can often be found on Factorio (, listening to audio books, training his dogs, and drawing or sketching.

Wes gave a talk at Northern Lights Camp in Iceland.

Next he’s heading to DrupalCon Vienna to give a talk on WebVR.


  • Put yourself in front of people
  • Find local events, meet people.

Wes would like to thank

  • His namesake and early inspiration Grandpa Wes,
  • Jeff Eaton and Nate Lampton from the DVDs, and for not running away when he was starstruck,
  • And Nate especially for leveling him up as a developer with Backdrop.

Episode Guests

Wes Ruvalcaba


Wes is a former front-end dev at Lullabot.

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