Episode 231  on September 27, 2017Behind the Screens

Behind the Screens with Wes Ruvalcaba

Lullabot Senior Front-end Developer Wes Ruvalcaba talks about balancing the needs of multiple grounds of clients vying for attention on a website.

Wes’s first big open source contribution was to replace Bartik as the default theme in Backdrop.


In his spare time, Wes can often be found on Factorio (https://www.factorio.com/), listening to audio books, training his dogs, and drawing or sketching.

Wes gave a talk at Northern Lights Camp in Iceland.

Next he’s heading to DrupalCon Vienna to give a talk on WebVR.


  • Put yourself in front of people
  • Find local events, meet people.

Wes would like to thank

  • His namesake and early inspiration Grandpa Wes,
  • Jeff Eaton and Nate Lampton from the DVDs, and for not running away when he was starstruck,
  • And Nate especially for leveling him up as a developer with Backdrop.
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