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Ariane Khachatourians on DrupalChix and Women in Open Source

Ariane Khachatourians talks about the DrupalChix group for Women in Drupal. She talks about some of the issues that come up at the Birds of a Feather discussion at DrupalCon including confidence and protocols for dealing with sexism either within their workplace or local Drupal community. Again, since there's no official hierarchy within the Drupal Community for dealing with these issues, they spend time working on fleshing out the guidelines for IRC and providing one-on-one support if issues do come up either in the DrupalChix group on g.d.o. or within the #drupalchix IRC channel.

There's been some talk of setting up more formal mentoring, but other than that there's no official mandate or direction that Drupalchix is headed as it's mainly a social and support group that meets face-to-face at DrupalCon and in some of the larger Drupal communities.
Picture of Drupalchix Birds of a Feather gathering at DrupalCon San Francisco 2010
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Is very important this postcast for me :). thank you for this post!


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Heh, at the DrupalCamp in

Heh, at the DrupalCamp in Ireland this weekend people were talking about problems on IRC. e.g., "I went on there, and no one helped me"... and I pointed out, well no one knows you!

I think new folks think of it as a support channel, but it's just not. It's a space to meet people and help others. I learned more on IRC trying to tackle other people's problems. (Gets me to look into problems I don't have myself). Anyway :)

Really sorry I missed this BoF at SFO. Luckily I was able to get a wee sticker for my computer. Thank you!



It was pointed out to me that

It was pointed out to me that I mention "chx" (aka Karoly Negyesi) but it would be non-obvious to people who don't know him, that I'm not saying "chicks" or "chix" as in other Drupalchix members. Just in case that confuses anyone! Karoly is one of the main core developers, who is on IRC a lot helping others.