by Addison Berry on March 11, 2008 // Short URL

DrupalCon Slides: Contributing to Drupal

Now that the gluttony of last week's DrupalCon in Boston is starting to settle down I realized that I hadn't gotten around to posting the slides from my presentation on Contributing to Drupal: A guide for everyone. The session was a lot of fun and the audience had good questions. That session combined with the code/docs sprint the next day totally revved me up! It is really exciting to see folks diving in.

Big thanks to everyone that came to my session and if you couldn't make it or just want to review, here are the slides in PDF, the original Keynote format and Open Office's .odp. (Note that the conversion to .odp ends up losing some of the effects and such.)


Rick Treadway

I heard the Boston Drupal Conference went good


Wanted to give you some feedback, my 2 teammates Aaron and Doug went to your conference and really got a lot of knowledge plus had fun, so thank you very much.
If you get a chance look at there hard word and what they have put to use

As a matter of fact, not mentioning any names, but I one of my IT guys lost his phone and had to get another I figured I'm coming this time even though I won't be able to write any code or anything I will be able to add to the Fun festivities. Make sure to get 1 or 2 of these beverage holders to keep your hands warm and your drink cold!!

Looks like we are headed to the Minneapolis Twin Cities now.