by Jeff Eaton

The Friday Roundup: DrupalCon, UX Critiques, Mobile, and Microdata

DrupalCon London

The big Drupal news this week is the announcement of DrupalCon London's official session list! Lullabot's Nate Haug will be teaching attendees about Form Builder's new changes for Drupal 7, while Jeff Eaton discusses the differences between products and frameworks (and why we should care). Meanwhile, the city of Croyden is chatting with attendees via Twitter and suggesting great night-life spots for after the conference!

The Shoemaker's Web Site

Fog Creek Software (famous for its FogBugz bug tracking software and the opinionated essays of its founder Joel Spolsky) recently re-launched their web site. They've written up an interesting post about the challenges of growing beyond "Product Launch Cycles" to ongoing continual improvement -- both for their products and their site.


Usability and design critiques are all the rage this week: Daring Fireball's John Gruber weighs in on the changes in Windows 8, engineer Majd Taby reviews the good and the bad in Google Chrome's interface, and designer Luke Wroblewski takes a deep look at Netflix's evolution towards a streamlined interface that puts the content first. Meanwhile, UX designer Andy Budd writes a kicky essay titled "I Don't Care About User Experience." (Spoiler: He actually does.) If you're looking for some meat-and-potatoes tips for your own software, UX Design Edge has a great article that's full of low-hanging fruit.

Hello, Microdata!

The three juggernauts of the search engine landscape -- Google, Yahoo, and Bing -- have just launched, a clearinghouse for information on the structured data formats recognized by their search crawlers. They've also announced microdata, a new format for embedding metadata in HTML pages. Naturally, Drupal's resident RDFa guru Lin Clark has already spun up a new project to support the format...

Mobile Apps and APIs

Jeff Eaton and Karen McGrane of Bond Art + Science will be presenting on mobile strategy at the Web Content Conference in Chicago next week. If you're still trying to decide on your strategy, an inevitable infographic has been making the rounds...

Jen Rocks The Web

In Friends-Of-Lullabot news,

O'Reilly author, interviewer of rock stars, longtime web designer, and new Fiat owner Jen Robbins appeared on The Big Web Show with Jeffrey Zeldman to chat about UX and design issues.