Several people have expressed interest in remixing The Drupal Song. And since we're licensing this song under the GPL, we'd like to release the "source" of the song. Attached here is a zip file containing high-quality stereo stem submix MP3s for each of the following:
  • bass
  • drums
  • mallets (marimba, glockenspiel)
  • piano
  • voc - backups
  • voc - lead
Update: The song is at 88 BPM and the tracks all start on the "4" beat. So if you line them up at measure 2, beat 4, the song will start on measure 3, beat 1. Download here Load 'em up into your favorite (re)mixing software and go to town! Post comments with links to your work.

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Jeff Robbins

Jeff is a co-founder of Lullabot and the company's former CEO.

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