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Today we're proud to announce that the team at Rapid Waters Development will be joining Lullabot. Jerad Bitner and David Burns founded Rapid Waters, a Drupal-focused development company, in 2009 after years of development experience with Sony Music, MothersClick, and Lifetime Television. Rapid Waters recently helped Lullabot launch IgniteShow.com for O'Reilly Media. Since we began in 2006, Lullabot has been as a small consulting and education company focused on high-level technical planning and architecture, developer training and mentorship, and server performance tuning. As Lullabot takes on more projects like Buzzr and the thriving Lullabot Store, we find ourselves doing more development on both client and Lullabot internal projects. This acquisition marks the beginning of a new development division at Lullabot. These new dedicated development resources will allow us to provide more complete Drupal solutions. We're still a small company concentrating on high-end projects, and our focus will continue as a consulting and education company, however now we're able offer better hand-in-hand development resources for our clients. We're really excited to have the amazing team at Rapid Waters' join Lullabot. And we're excited to be able to better meet our clients' needs and provide more efficient resources to build and launch their sites.

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